Varsha Prasad

Innovator. NeuroTech Enthusiast.

About Me

Hey! My name is Varsha Prasad and I am an Innovator at the Knowledge Society. I'm a 15yr old who loves NeuroScience and BioTech and I'm currently doing projects with Brain-Computer Interfaces. I'm constantly trying to improve myself and learn new things and one of my main goals is to impact as many people as I can.


  • Programming: Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Design: Figma
  • Video Editing: Davinci Resolve
  • Presenting
  • Content Creation


TKShowcase | How to Learn Anything
Innovire Workshop | Intro to BCIs
BetaMax | Neuroscience
Project Hub
Using Neurofeedback to Enhance Meditation | BCIs
Project Hub
Cameras are Bad….on their Own | Artificial Intelligence
TKS x UN SMS and Radio Learning | Recommendation
Slide Deck
Why You Should Go Stare at a Wall | NeuroScience
Personal Logo with Vector Art | Design
Figma Design
Combating Addiction with TI | NeuroStimulation
Project Hub
Playing Geometry Dash with my Brain | BCIs
Project Hub
Instacart Challenge | Marketing
Slide Deck
Instacart Challenge | Design
UI Mock-Up
Turns Out You’re Not Supposed to Hate School | BCIs
Prime Editing | Gene Editing


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